Decatur Road Capital’s mission is to buy a single business and manage it for the long-term, building on the foundation laid by the previous owner.

Decatur Road Capital is not a private equity firm with the goal of cutting costs, adding restrictive levels of debt, and flipping the business. And, we are not a strategic buyer with the goal of breaking up the company and absorbing parts of it into a larger corporation. We are entrepreneurs committed entirely to building one business as our sole focus.

We are the right path for an owner who wishes to gain liquidity and take a step back from day-to-day management—but who cares about the future of their business and employees after they sell.

An Alternative to Private Equity & Strategic Buyers:

DRC Difference.png

Investment Criteria

Decatur Road Capital seeks to buy a business with the following characteristics:


  • Owner seeking a reduced role in business, and/or exit transition

  • Diverse customer base

  • Strong middle-management team


  • Service-based, growing industry

  • No heavy manufacturing or retail

  • Fragmented industry with many small/medium sized companies

Financial metrics

  • $5 to $80 million in annual revenue

  • $1.5 to $5 million of cash flow (or EBITDA)

  • 3+ years of profitability

  • Recurring revenue streams from loyal customers

  • Low ongoing capital expenditure needs